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Excellent products for your advertising success!
Fast, economical - and always in proven high quality.

For us as an advertising item manufacturer and importer, the quality and safety of our items are a central aspect.
The satisfaction of our customers with regard to the material and the sophisticated design of our products is of fundamental importance to us.

Excellent products for your success.
We ensure continuous quality and safety
QM Sicherheit

Factory Audits
QM Audit

Our quality management is characterised by:

  • Qualified QM personnel
  • Our own test laboratory for various test methods
  • Metal RF analysis:
    Fast, non-destructive testing on contained heavy metals according to EN 71 part 3

Our test methods

  • Functional test (eg leak-proof drinking and insulating bottles)
  • Tensile test (eg testing seams and zips)
  • Payload (eg maximum load on deck chairs)
  • Durability and wear test (eg when closing breadboxes)
  • Washing test (bleeding of colours with different textiles)
  • Colour fastness and sweat resistance (testing textiles for skin contact)
  • Subdivisions of the EN71 toy standard (mechanical tests for toy safety)
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