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Promotion for Life

We supply everything for advertising items that fit perfectly into the life of your target groups
and ensure your advertising advantage.

elasto Welt

more than 200 millions of advertising material sold per year

more than 35 years of market experience

550 employees worldwide

unlimited passion for promotional and advertising items

The elasto principle

alles weltweit einfach

When it comes to your promotional items, we solve every task.
Fast, economical - and always in high quality.

Quality Management Environmental Management Social Commitment Certificates

Company Rules

The basis is the applicable law. elasto form KG strictly adheres to the applicable law.
The same is expected from employees, and is the basis for all business relations.

  1. Respectful and proper interaction
    Each employee is the business card of his or her company. elasto expects polite, objective, and fair conduct within and outside the company. Any kind of discrimination and defamation must be refrained from.
  2. Behaviour towards third parties
    The highest goal is to establish or maintain a collaborative and open relationship with all customers, suppliers, and authorities. We adhere to internal compliance regulations.
  3. Separation of private and business interests
    Each employee has to keep his or her private interests separate from the company's interests. Particularly in the case of business relations and personnel decisions, only factual and professional matters are to be considered.
  4. Data protection
    All documents and data at the workplace are to be protected against unauthorised access and kept strictly confidential.
  5. Focus on quality
    We strive for high quality in our products, production processes, and workflows. We ensure this by continually training our employees.
  6. Resources / environment
    We commit to the sustainability and improvement of our environmental balance via preventive environmental measures and using environmentally friendly technologies.
  7. Corporate ownership
    Each employee is responsible for the protection and proper use of elasto's property, while ensuring cleanliness and order.
  8. Customer satisfaction
    The customer is always the focus of our business processes, projects, and activities. We therefore strive for excellence in performance, in order to maintain our customers' trust.
  9. Responsible action
    We pursue our tasks with passion and commitment and assume responsibility for the results of our actions. We demand commitment and promote the potentials of each individual. We see ourselves as part of the whole, because we can only reach the goal together.
  10. Future
    Stagnation means a step backwards for us. We will make it in the market with our services. Independence and long-term success are our goals. Our future company policy is characterised by sustainability, internal unity, reliability, trust, and long-term sustainability.
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