Concentrate on your core business and transfer the responsibility for your promotional products to us.

With an individual fullservice contract suiting your needs, elasto will take care of the complete process of your orders, including shipping and logistics, customer support, return management, procurement of goods, accounting and controlling.



Is advertising product fulfilment suitable for my company?

Our fulfilment offer is suitable for any company.
No matter what industry you are in and how big your business is, we have the perfect offer for your advertising success.

Through the joint elaboration of a promotional concept, your requirements and wishes can be perfectly implemented. Our promotional product fulfilment combines all processes for an optimal and cost-effective advertising product and premium management with maximum success.

Get in touch with one of our contacts today and let us make you an offer!



What areas do the fulfilment/fullservice cover?

If you choose elasto's fulfilment offer, you will have a comprehensive range of sub areas to implement your project.

It is of course always up to you whether you want to use all sub areas or only individual ones.



Planning and consulting

Together with you, our customers, we develop a strategy for the road to your success!
This strategy is based on a deep understanding of your desires and needs, our experience, and an effective and cost-saving approach.
We create the perfect offer for your needs based on our modular system with possible sub areas for implementing your project.



Procurement of goods

In consideration of your strategic orientation, we will gladly take over the design and procurement of your desired product selection.
As an advertising agent, manufacturer, and importer, we have the appropriate network of suppliers and the necessary expertise to meet your needs - including for production of custom-made products

Through our own production on site, we also offer you quality "Made in Germany", thus minimising trade risks and capital commitments.



Warehouse and logistics

Of course, the subject of "warehouse & logistics" plays a central role in a fulfilment provider.
By connecting to our merchandise management system, you have full control over the shipping status as well as the logistics of your items. Goods receipts are automatically transferred to our shop system immediately after entering the warehouse and are ready for dispatch on the same day.
Goods movements and sales can be precisely followed.
All end customers will continue to receive shipping and tracking information immediately upon delivery of the shipment to the freight carrier.
Intelligent warehouse management ensures early detection of goods backlog and automatically generates demand reports.



Return management / takeover of existing premiums

We handle all return management processes from the return receipt and receipt of replacement deliveries and/or repayments up to the handling of transport damage, warranty processing, and further marketing.

There is also the option of taking over existing premiums. We will take care of the incoming goods inspection as well as the cleaning and quality inspection of your premiums. Also the repair, warehousing, and a new goods collection within 3-5 working days leads to a clear cost saving on your part compared to newly purchasing the premiums.



Accounting and controlling

In order to provide you with as much transparency as possible, we prepare the relevant information on running your project. Through our expert team, you can fully benefit from the following services in the area of accounting and controlling:

  • Controlling & reporting
  • Financial accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Processing payment transactions
  • Order release
  • Dunning and collection




We support you in implementing your e-commerce project!

No matter what you are looking for, whether…

  • A classic online shop/brand shop
  • Marketplace
  • Online campaign
  • Multichannel strategy
  • or connection to a drop shipment system

… through our flexible in-house development, we are your specialist for implementing your e-commerce project.

Interfaces to external systems are also no problem for us. We also implement and adapt to your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

All our applications are, of course, subject to data protection requirements and comply with current security requirements.

All our applications are, of course, subject to data protection requirements and comply with current security requirements. On request, we also perform regular penetration tests in your applications to ensure the security of your data and to prevent potential attackers. Payment processing is, of course, PCI compliant.

No online shop works without the right marketing measures.
We have the appropriate tools to implement and manage marketing strategies for your success.
If desired, we can develop marketing campaigns for you or with you and take on operational management if desired.

Our services include:

  • Processing competitions
  • Search engine marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Print advertisement



Customer service

Our multi-lingual service staff processes all customer requests by telephone, mail, fax, letter, or live chat.

Our services in this area include:

  • Order acceptance
  • Order processing
  • Consulting
  • Complaints and complaints management
  • First and second-level support
  • Multilingual support



What are the advantages of a full-service advertising service?

If you are wondering why exactly you should use our advertising fulfilment, the following points should be compelling:

  • High time and cost savings due to our competent and experienced team
  • Optimal storage and logistics of your premiums and promotional items
  • Prompt order processing
  • Comprehensive transparency during the total duration of your order
  • Uncomplicated and fast order processing due to the experience and expertise of one of the leading advertising specialists

We stand out through…

  • more than 35 years of market experience
  • over 200 million sold advertising a year
  • 550 employees worldwide
  • an unlimited passion for making your advertising success a reality



Who is my contact person?

Are you interested in our full service?
Our team is at your disposal at any time without obligation and will answer your questions.
Simply contact us!


Christian Ringler (Procuration)

Email: c.ringler@elasto.de


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