Custom Productions

Custom Productions

For special tasks we offer you the special lead.
elasto takes over the complete implementation and processing –
according to your requirements – 100% individually. Ideas, 3D prototyping and production –
everything from a single source (with one contact person). Everything to make your advertising big.

Prototyping / 3D Dummies

3D Dummies

We bring your products to life!
From the first idea... 3D visualisation, dummy
creation, and mould creation... the finished promotional item!



You have an idea for a unique promotional item?

We assist you in realising your custom idea in record time. Our specialists in the individual areas take care of all steps for a smooth production process!

All we need is your idea and the requirements for your series.



In the first step, we make your idea visible.

We create a 3D visualisation that is ready for presentation. We can provide a complete presentation or images in 300 dpi. On request, we can integrate a rotatable 3D view in your PDF presentation. The file is kept as small as possible in order to enable you to receive the data by e-mail.

Spectrum Z510

3D Dummy

The presentation was well received, but certain details still need to be clarified or your customer has difficulties envisaging the function and properties?

We can provide you with tangible proof!

State-of-the-art computer technology slices a 3D model of your ideas in individual layers and sends them to our 3D printer, which works similar to an inkjet printer. The printer applies a bonding agent to the individual 0.1 mm plaster layers, gradually building your 3D model in colour and function.

Upon completion, the model is infiltrated manually in order to make it durable for your tests.

We materialise your ideas!

3D Handmuster Details

Realistic - look & feel

Colour - item and logo print

Virtually - any shape possible

Fast - from the idea to the sample in 1 week

Inexpensive - on request

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